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SOL Organics Hemmed Sheet Set Review

November 16, 2015
Brand Overview:
SOL Organics is a bedding company that has been around since 2010, and focuses on selling sheets that are Fair Trade Certified, 100% organic, non GMO, and eco-friendly. They consider themselves to be disrupters of a “tired” and “old” bedding industry, claiming to make more affordable sheet sets while also maintaining a socially conscious business model. Their sheets are manufactured in India, where Boll and Branch (another very popular Fair Trade Certified, 100% organic, and non-GMO bedding company) also manufactures theirs. SOL is said to stand for “sustained organic living”. Like Boll and Branch, they also claim that they really care about the supply chain and the way workers are treated on the other end. As we know countries like India aren’t exactly known for their high level of labour and employee conditions, so the company has made it clear they are not seeking to abuse their employees, as is unfortunately often the norm in industrializing countries without strong labour laws.
I have always been interested in going as natural as possible when it comes to things that are in close contact with me, and so I decided to give SOL Organics a shot by ordering a bedding set from them. In this review I will take an in-depth look into SOL Organics bed sheets through a spec by spec analysis, and ultimately let you know whether the product meets up to its claims or not.
As with all reviews on Sleep Grid, I have paid for these sheets myself and am not affiliated with the company in any way. This enables me to give you unfiltered & unbiased advice that will help you guide you in your shopping endeavors.

The price list (as of November 2017) is as follows:
Twin – $109
Twin XL – $109
Full – $159
Queen – $169
King – $179
Cal King – $189
Their pricing is well bellow Boll and Branch, which sells its sets starting at $200. Both SOL Organics and Boll and Branch have the same thread count of 300.

Ordering Process:
SOL Organics bed sheets can be ordered solely online via their site at Their site design is decent, however their competitor Boll and Branch’s site looks much more aesthetically pleasing. In terms of the actual shopping experience, their site is fully functional and fairly straightforward in terms of usability. Their website also offers products including duvets, complete bedding sets, and crib sheets.
They offer a 30 night trial on their bedding, however some other online reviewers have complained about the return process indicating it is hard (or in one specific customer’s case impossible) to get in touch with customer service to initiate a return.

Materials & Specs:
The SOL Organics Hemmed Sheet Set is woven from 100% long-staple organic cotton. The set includes one flat sheet, one fitted sheet, and two pillow cases. As mentioned earlier, they are 300 thread count in a sateen weave. The company claims that the sheets will soften more & more with every wash. Sateen weaves are usually more silky and soft than their percale counterparts.
SOL Organics fitted sheet is said to fit mattresses up to 17” deep, and comes with an elastic band around the bottom of the sheet set.

Fabric & Thread Quality:
When the sheet set arrived the first thing I did was take a quick look at every item in the set (from the flat sheet to the pillowcases) to ensure that there were no loose threads. If you ever buy a sheet set this is a quick and easy way to spot out the quality (or lack thereof), as a company that doesn’t pay attention to stitching will often also cut corners in other aspects of design and quality when it comes to sheets. The sateen weave was very soft, in its initial unwashed state, and had a subtle sheen that sateen is known for. The sheets were also fairly light (not super thick).

Durability Testing:
When I test sheets for durability I tend to look at two things which are often the top things people complain about when they buy sheets, and these are:
  • shrinkage: this is the #1 thing that people complain about when they buy sheets so basically my test consists of me washing the set to check as to whether the sheet set shrinks drastically after a typical wash in my washer & dryer; as long as the shrinkage is less than 5% you know that your sheets are ok
  • deterioration: does anything come off the fabric – i.e. fluff pilling or does the fabric begin to deteriorate in any noticeable & significant manner
  • color changes or dye run off: does the color change when soaked in warm water or does any dye run off the sheets when the warm water is rung out?
Shrinkage Testing:
Before I stick a new sheet set in for a quick wash and dry, I take a couple of quick measurements pre-wash & dry to compare the sheets to, post-wash & dry. Although it is easy to refer to the measurements on the packaging for comparison sake, I find it better to take a couple by hand for accuracy’s sake.
SOL Organics sheets passed my shrinkage test as the flat sheet shrank by 4.1% while the pillow cases shrunk by 2.4%. As mentioned earlier as long as the shrinkage is under the 5% mark, we are good.
Deterioration Testing:
When I pull a new sheet set out of the dryer after its first wash, I always take a good look at every piece in the set to see if I can spot any visible deterioration which can include things like the fabric pilling. The SOL Organics sheets were ok in this regard as there were no major signs of deterioration, except for two threads that became a bit loose. One other I noticed is that they were super wrinkly even though I selected the anti-wrinkle steaming option on my dryer. I personally do not care whether my sheets are a bit wrinkled on the bed, however if you are a stickler for non-wrinkled sheets I could see this causing a huge annoyance.
Color Testing:
In order to test whether the color or dye will easily run off all I simply do is place a part of the sheet set (often the pillow case since it is the smallest item and easiest to manage) in warm water. Afterwards I simply use my hands to ring out the water, and see if any color or dye comes out with the water.
The SOL Organics sheets did not lose any color during this test or have any dye run off.

Design & Style:
The pillow cases and top sheet in SOL Organics Hemmed Sheet set come with hemmed edges which add a nice and classic touch to the sheets. The design is comparable to Boll and Branch’s hemmed set, which looks exactly the same visually. There is a single pleat on the Hemmed Sheet Set which I purchased, however their site also has a pleated sheet set which has 3 pleats on the hem as opposed to one.
SOL Organics designs are very simple and plain. They don’t do any prints, and only offer solid light and dark colors in their sheets. Depending on your style preferences you will either love the simplicity or hate the lack of options.

Temperature Regulation:
The SOL Organics sheet set is fairly lightweight. It is made of a sateen weave which is known to be good for individuals who tend to get cold at night, as they are on the warmer side. When I tried the sheets for the first time it was a summer night so although the sheets were very soft I found them to be on the warmer side compared to my percale sheets, so I would say they are more ideal for cooler temperatures (i.e. during winter).

Overall Personal Impression & Rating:
As someone who has tried a lot of bed sheet sets, I can say that the SOL Organics sheet set offers a lot of merits, especially in terms of the materials used. However I found the sheets to be a little underwhelming overall, and although the health benefits are definitely there (no pesticides, non GMO cotton being used etc.) I was not totally in love with them by the end of my two week trial period use of them as I found them to be a bit on the thinner side compared to other premium sheet brands. I would personally rate them a 7/10.

The Bottom Line: Who Should Buy These Sheets?
I would recommend the SOL Organic sheet set to people who:
  • are concerned with pesticides – since the sheets are made from organic cotton, you don’t have to worry about pesticides or any chemicals since SOL Organics sheets are made without them
  • want sheets that are made from 100% cotton – the sheets are made from 100% long staple cotton so they are perfect for any cotton purist
  • want simple designs – there are not a lot of options when it comes to design on SOL Organic’s website so the sheets would only work for those who are ok with solid color sheets
  • want sheets that will keep them warmer at night – the sateen weave is quite soft however it is on the warmer side when it comes to body temperature regulation so they are perfect for those who get cold at night

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